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Diaspo4Africa platform, the first Pan-African platform for wealth creation
and financing for local businesses and startups by the Diaspora.

An idea of LUMEN Corporation SAS

LUMEN Corporation SASpretends to be the first African innovations catalyst and businesses development in Africa :

  • Business Design
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Alternative Finance

Through its integrated and human-centered approaches, LUMEN Corporation wants to make the continent an attractive economic hub and create for every African conditions for development.

About Diaspo4Africa is a program initiated by LUMEN Corporation SAS for Africa and the Diaspora. It is an appropriate funding mechanism to the economic needs of the continent which pursues the will of our countries to move towards emergence. This program aims to bring together businesses, startups and other projects holders with high economic value with investors from the diaspora who initially want to contribute to the development of Africa and in the second time diversify their activities., the web platform of the program is a technical support tool of management and evaluation of economic development s, which will be continuously improved and highlighted to engage our investors from the diaspora.

Our ancillary financing programs

Global Angels For Africa (GA4A)

The GA4A is an investment program aimed at non-African business angels, living abroad and who wish to develop international investment capital for the financing of African startups and companies via the Diaspo4Africa platform.

Africa Angel Investors (AAI)

The AAI is also an investment program aimed at business angels residing in Africa (African or non-African) and eager to develop a local investment capital for the financing of startups and African companies via the platform Diaspo4Africa.

Venture Capital Funds for Africa (VCF4A)

The VCF4A is a set of partnership agreements signed with African and international investment funds for the collection, analysis and financing of specific local projects via the Diaspo4Africa platform.

We are represented in the following countries :

  • Benin's flag
  • Burkina Faso's flag
  • Cameroon's flag
  • Democratic Republic of the-Congo's flag
  • Côte d'Ivoire's flag
  • Gabon's flag
  • Madagascar's flag
  • Mali's flag
  • Morocco's flag
  • Niger's flag
  • Senegal's flag
  • Togo's flag

but our activities extend to the whole of Africa !

Icone Diaspo4Africa

Our digital platform is a space for entrepreneurs in Africa and the diaspora investors.

Offers numerous financing opportunities for project promoters and investment for the diaspora.

Connect and enter to the pan-African financial revolution !


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Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan Cocody, Riviera Palmeraie Ephrata
Immeuble IKOLABA house, 2ème étage p. B1
P: (225) 20 00 11 33
Email :

Who are we ?, the first Pan-African platform for wealth creation and financing for local businesses and startups by the Diaspora.

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